• 57th Street Books (map)
  • 1301 East 57th Street
  • Chicago, IL, 60637
  • United States

Join co-authors Rachel Cassandra and Lauren Gucik for a short presentation of photos and stories where they discuss topics of the artist’s practice, women empowerment, art as a tool for social change, among others through the lens of women street artists working in Latin America. Directly following the presentation, Lauren and Rachel will teach simple stencil making. Stenciling is a popular form of guerilla art but it is also a fun and quick way to make pieces of art for the home or wearable designs. Bring a t-shirt or tote bag and paint directly onto items. Or get even wackier and bring an old toaster, broken record, or some other random object to decorate! They will also supply paper and pieces of fabric for experimentation! (For younger participants we will make stamps!) Stencils, paint and paper will be provided. 

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(Photo: Lili Cuca of Bogotá, Colombia)