Join the authors Lauren Gucik and Rachel Cassandra, as they share stories from their travels, read excerpts from interviews they conducted, and present portraits of women they met and their artwork.  Gucik and Cassandra will discuss artist practices, art as a tool for social change, and women’s empowerment through the lens of women making street art in Latin America. Directly following the presentation, Gucik and Cassandra will teach simple stencil making. Stenciling is a popular form of guerilla art but it is also a fun and quick way to make art for the home or on clothing. Optional: Bring a t-shirt, tote bag or a wacky item like an old toaster or broken record, and we’ll decorate them! Stencils, paper and fabric will be available for experimentation and to make take- home art. Younger participants can make stamps! 

About the Festival.

(Photo: Zurik of Bogotá, Colombia)