A few of our favorite things. 



Bustoleum, a blog dedicated to graffiti-writing women. 

Few&Far, an all female graffiti and skate collective in California, from the San Francisco bay area to LA.

Women Street Artists, which showcases women street artists and men who depict women's issues.

Stencil Archive, a gallery of stencil street art, run by Russell Howze, another Manic D author. 


Articles, etc.:

Huffington Post: "10 Women Street Artists who are Better than Banksy."

Mic.com: "21 Daring Women Proving Street Art isn't Just a Man's Game."

New York Times Op-ed: "The Writing Is on the Wall."

Jessica Pabón's Ted Talk on women in graffiti. 


If you know of anything that should be on this list, write us!